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Despite airlines' tremendous efforts to streamline their operations to minimise controllable costs and improve flight punctuality, system inefficiencies are continuously on the increase. They inevitably lead to a higher number of operational disruptions, and consequently unforeseen losses.

Beyond Airline Disruptions addresses this issue by taking a wider, more strategic perspective.  By focusing on prevention rather than operational fire-fighting, and laying out the hidden aspects of operational disruptions, this book reveals the significant unexploited potential for cost savings and improvements in on-time performance.

It explains for the first time what operational disruptions really are, describes their costs, tangible and intangible causes, and supports the creation of strategies for decreasing system inefficiencies and minimising the risks of operational disruptions.


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​​​​​​​​Airline leaders are faced with unprecedented uncertainty and difficulties to adapt to the new circumstances. Laying the foundation for a more adaptable, resilient organisation, conscious of complexities and human aspects of business is the key to surviving the forthcoming challenges .  

In practical terms this assumes a new approach to management that acknowledges networked nature of airline business. shaped by constantly changing interactions between data, people and processes. This is essential for creating the missing links between strategy and operations. 

Our work is focused on making these connections possible. It is supported with our experiential knowledge and insights into cross-functional airline and industry issues. We help executives to overcome limitations imposed by existing organisational structures and obsolete management practices and to engage collective intelligence when making decisions that require constant adjustments in hard to predict circumstances. 

On the practical side, we help airlines with creating a customised platform where people from around the airline can meet to discuss the real-life problems as they appear, and find ways to improve locally whilst being keenly aware of the company's goals. The resulting relational measures and relational action maps allow leaders to focus on what matters most in given situations and initiate improvement actions that benefit the entire organisation.

We partner with technology companies that can support creation of dynamic visual mapping and other information essentials that make it possible to identify major constraints and point to opportunities for improvement. 

BEYOND AIRLINE DISRUPTIONS - Thinking and Managing Anew,    2nd Edition

​This revised edition of Beyond Airline Disruptions is written to inspire existing and aspiring leaders, regardless of their hierarchical rank, to think afresh and act anew and to see an organisation as a flexible learning network that needs constant fine tuning and occasional upgrades to keep up with complex and dynamic changes in operational environment.

It sets the framework for a new way of planning and for connected, adaptive, decision making that learns from critical misalignment between strategy and operations manifested through operational disruptions. This makes it possible to consistently surface and address underlying causes behind real-world problems allowing leaders to inspire changes where the increase in passenger loyalty and lower cost come as natural consequences, resulting in non-imitable advantage.

‘Thinking and Managing Anew’ is a practical guide based on my diverse experience and learning from system thinkers across industries.  It is meant to develop wayfinding skills by looking through the system rather than from above it. This motivates people to get together, bypassing procedures and structures that set them apart. It is a leader’s guide to reality.


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