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Despite airlines' tremendous efforts to streamline their operations to minimise controllable costs and improve flight punctuality, system inefficiencies are continuously on the increase. They inevitably lead to a higher number of operational disruptions, and consequently unforeseen losses.

Beyond Airline Disruptions addresses this issue by taking a wider, more strategic perspective.  By focusing on prevention rather than operational fire-fighting, and laying out the hidden aspects of operational disruptions, this book reveals the significant unexploited potential for cost savings and improvements in on-time performance.

It explains for the first time what operational disruptions really are, describes their costs, tangible and intangible causes, and supports the creation of strategies for decreasing system inefficiencies and minimising the risks of operational disruptions.


This approach to decision making  is meant to inspire a new way of thinking and managing airlines. This is an invitation to join the process of discovery, to explore a new dynamic and adaptive way of managing airlines in the age of increased disruptiveness. The following are some highlights: 

  • Instead of managing departments, we should manage problems that cause our passengers to leave us even when our price is lower than our competitors.
  • Instead of relying on predictions based on the past we should keep reconfiguring and adapting, fine tuning our operations to best meet passenger needs.​
  • Instead of traditional planning and forecasting based on aggregate historical figures which tell nothing about their interconnectedness and true origins, we should focus on resolving the complex emerging problems that are threatening the system performance while aware about their deeper causes.
  • When we think about new ideas, we will have a better sense if they are going to work well for us and what we have to do to adapt when circumstances change. We will know better what to offer and how to assist our passengers travelling to and from disruption-prone airports and airspace.
  • We will be more aware what an airline is capable of doing and what cannot be done. And if we decide to do what we cannot deliver at our best, we will know that this is a calculated risk measured against other known benefits but will ensure that the negative impact of such decisions on customer, partners and employees is minimal.​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Jasenka Rapajic, founder of Astute Aviation, has been ranked among the Top 20 in Business Strategy Thought Leaders and Influencers, top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Culture, Customer Loyalty, and Top 100 Women B2B Thought Leaders You Should Follow in 2020 by Thinkers360.



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​​​​​​​ If you are a leader responsible for guiding your airline out of crisis and beyond, apart from being exposed to enormous pressure to keep your airline afloat, you must be thinking hard about how to ensure that your airline gets out of debt as quickly as possible.

You may have also come to the realisation that running your company in the way it’s been done before will no longer work. My method can help. It exists to equip leaders, regardless of their hierarchical rank, with knowledge and experience necessary to cope with disruptions of any scale. The basics are described in my bookswebinar, and other published work. 

The implementation of this method will support your airline to navigate through the ever-changing real-life situations, while building new foundations for operating in our less and less predictable world. It will support your endeavour to expand, while constantly monitoring the impact of your decision-making on cost and service quality. You will enter a world where a combination of the real life dataand insights in what is happening on the operational side becomes essential for the creation of adaptive strategies, allowing constant moving back and forth between strategy and operations.

Along the way, you will enrich your leadership skills and qualities with the integrative view of your business and become well prepared for the next evolutionary step. This is the key to successfully coping with challenges in the post- COVID world.

My work utilises my deep experiential system knowledge and centres around an innovative low-investment, still transformative approach, that only requires openness to learning, and the desire to inspire people: to look at what they do from a wider perspective and work more closely to resolve the real life issues. 

​​​​​​None of us could have predicted the vastness of the current crisis, but the good news is that we all have the ability to adapt quickly- we just have to decide that we want to. Seeking out a new approach to planning and decision making and being open to new principles are wise moves. They will help you to break free from the rigid organisational, information, and management structures, shaped by 50+ years old industry standards and the existing business and education systems. In this ‘old world’, anything that stood outside of the sequential views and measures was taken out of consideration, including understanding and managing quality, cost and revenue. The reason behind this has been the lack of transdisciplinary knowledge based on the real-life experience - vital for making decisions that bypass organisational divisions and  benefit the entire airline .

BEYOND AIRLINE DISRUPTIONS - Thinking and Managing Anew,    2nd Edition

​This revised edition of Beyond Airline Disruptions is written to inspire existing and aspiring leaders, regardless of their hierarchical rank, to think afresh and act anew and to see an organisation as a flexible learning network that needs constant fine tuning and occasional upgrades to keep up with complex and dynamic changes in operational environment.

It sets the framework for a new way of planning and for connected, adaptive, decision making that learns from critical misalignment between strategy and operations manifested through operational disruptions. This makes it possible to consistently surface and address underlying causes behind real-world problems allowing leaders to inspire changes where the increase in passenger loyalty and lower cost come as natural consequences, resulting in non-imitable advantage.

‘Thinking and Managing Anew’ is a practical guide based on my diverse experience and learning from system thinkers across industries.  It is meant to develop wayfinding skills by looking through the system rather than from above it. This motivates people to get together, bypassing procedures and structures that set them apart. It is a leader’s guide to reality.


​​Consulting ​​​ 

  • Introducing a new approach to  decision making ​ fit for time of heightened uncertainty.
  • Supporting creation of connectedness across organisation revolving around collaborative hubs.


  • How to survive indebtedness, the next pandemic hurdle for airlines 


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